Terms and Conditions

1. Background

NIH 3D is provided without charge to the research community to be a trusted digital repository of digital 3D model files that are readily compatible with 3D printers. NIH 3D is operated by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

NIH 3D has provided Terms and Conditions for use of the service (“Terms and Conditions”) in order to establish usage guidelines, protect the rights of content owners, and facilitate the archiving and dissemination of high-quality content for the long-term benefit of the user community.

By submitting information to NIH 3D, you are accepting our Terms and Conditions. Any use of NIH 3D beyond the scope or in violation of these Terms and Conditions may be grounds for account termination.

2. User Accounts

2.1 Access

Access to content on NIH 3D is available for viewing and download by all persons (“Users”).

2.2 Authorized Users

In order to use certain features of NIH 3D (e.g., to upload a model, create a model, or post comments), you must register for an account. In doing so, you become a “User.” Users warrant that all information they submit is truthful and accurate, and they will maintain the accuracy of such information.

Accounts may be deleted at any time, but content users have uploaded to NIH 3D will remain unless users request that it be removed. To request removal of content, please contact us.

2.3 User Responsibilities

Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of their usernames and passwords. Users are also responsible for all activities through their accounts on NIH 3D. Users promptly shall notify NIH 3D of any known or suspected unauthorized use(s) of their account or any known or suspected breach of security. This includes loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure or use of the account.

Users acknowledge and agree that any material that they submit may be edited, removed, or modified by NIH 3D without notice.

3. Entry Submissions

3.1 User Contributed Models

Users should not submit any protected health information or personal identifiers in any material. Users must de-identify any image files or contributed information and will not attempt to establish the identity of any persons that have image information or other information on this site. Users also will not upload or otherwise publish through NIH 3D any materials that:

  1. are protected by copyright, or other proprietary or intellectual property rights of which they are not the owner;
  2. are libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive, or invasive of another's privacy or hateful; or
  3. contain a virus, spyware, or other harmful component, advertising of any kind, or false or misleading indications of origin or statements of fact.

Users agree to indemnify and hold the NIH harmless from any and all liability and costs incurred in connection with any claim arising out of your breach of the foregoing representations and warranties. Users will cooperate as fully as reasonably required in the defense of any claim.

3.2 Data Release

If you are a contributor submitting data to this NIH 3D, you are certifying that you are the original source of this data and are authorized to release the data that is permitted by your local IRB, when relevant.

You also certify that you will consult with your institution's technology development office before posting or disclosing confidential information which may be patentable.

4. Intellectual Property.

4.1 General Intellectual Property Rights

NIH 3D trademarks, rights in ideas, designs, works of authorship, derivative works, and all other intellectual property rights (collectively, "Intellectual Property") relating to the NIH framework and software should not be used without prior permission from NIH.

4.2 Name, Logos, and Trademarks

Users shall not use the NIH's name, logo or trademark and may not use the name, logos or trademarks of the above-noted DHHS, NIH, or any of its component Institutions in a way likely to cause confusion as to the origin of goods or services, or to endorse or show affiliation with the other, except as specifically approved.

NIH 3D may use user-contributed content for promotional material, events, or publications, within the limits of the license applied to the content by the user. NIH 3D will not use the user's name or image without prior consent, except as to provide attribution for content, as specified within the terms of the content license.

4.3 Licensing of Entries

Users are responsible for selecting the appropriate license model for their content. NIH 3D is not responsible for enforcing said license. While many entries in NIH 3D fall into the public domain or CC-BY licensing, others do not. Downloaders should review and follow the licensing terms when using files that are included in the entry.

5. Liability and Endorsements

5.1 General Waiver of Liability

NIH 3D is not liable for damages resulting from 3D printed models generated from files hosted on NIH 3D.

5.2 Models Related to Anatomy and Medicine

The 3D models in our database are not intended to diagnose, prevent, or treat any medical condition in any way. Prints of 3D anatomical models on NIH 3D should not be used for medical purposes. They should be used solely for illustrative purposes.

5.3 Laboratory Equipment and Other 3D-Printable Hardware

User-submitted models may require specific materials or print specifications. When downloading and printing these models, users are responsible for the proper printing, processing, handling, implementation, and use of the printed objects.

5.4 Data-derived Molecular and Volumetric Models

3D prints generated from files in NIH 3D are intended to facilitate scientific discovery and learning. Users are responsible for independently confirming results or hypotheses based on 3D printed files.

5.5 Custom User-Designed Content

NIH 3D intends to moderate user-contributed content for scientific relevance and accuracy and reserves the right to remove material that does not meet specified criteria or quality standards. Custom, 3D illustrations of medical or scientific structures may be difficult to verify for accuracy, but regardless can be valuable for visualization purposes.

5.6 Safety

Neither NIH 3D nor the contributing User are responsible for any personal injury or damages that may arise during the fabrication, implementation, and usage of any objects created from models shared on NIH 3D.

5.7 Medical Guidance

It is not NIH 3D's intention to provide specific medical advice to users of NIH websites, instead we provide users with information to help them better understand their health, diagnosed conditions, and the current approaches related to treatment, prevention, screening, and supportive care. NIH urges users to consult with a qualified health care professional for diagnosis and answers to their personal medical questions.

5.8 Endorsement

Any company, product and service names used in this web site are for identification purposes only. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. NIH 3D contents do not imply endorsement of any commercial or private product, service, or activity by NIH, site administrators, contributors, or advisors. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of NIH or the U.S. Government.

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