3DP N95 Respirator Mask Design

This model has not been assessed for community use or in a clinical setting. Further optimization may be required.

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Tue, 2020-03-31 14:56

Vertical Tabs

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What is the filter material you used for this? From the looks of the filter you just used an n95 mask, or am I mistaken?

I have printed a few different masks to try out and I notice that most of them don't have any sort of curved or flat edge where it would press to the face.  As it is, when i put weatherstripping inside the rim of the mask, it is basically sideways.  So when i put it to my face it pulls off.  I was wondering if the edges could be curved or flattened so that the weatherstripping could be put on a rim, to allow it to press direct between the face and mask instead of sideways?