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3DPX-014357 Labware & Devices 163957164033 Hands-Free Door Adapter - USE ARM TO OPEN -
Robins SPARK
Hands-Free Adapter, door handle, arm adapter, no hands, hands free, door adapter, no touch, touch less
3DPX-014354 Labware & Devices 163957163978 DtM 4.0 Headband For PPE Face Shield 1mm...
Geek Media's picture Geek Media
PPE DtMv4 Face Shield Headband Covid19 CoronaVirus
3DPX-014353 Labware & Devices 163957163978 AFWERX N95 Respirator Mask
N95, AFWERX, Respirator, Vacuum Formed
3DPX-014345 Labware & Devices 163957165948 Nasal - sample swab mid turbinate TPU
Nasal, TPU, Self, swab
3DPX-014344 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Transport Contactless Hook
Hands Free Door, Patient Transport
3DPX-014341 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Ear Saver
ear saver
3DPX-014338 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Modular Interchangeable Filter Mask
Coronavirus, COVID-19, mask, coffee filter, no supports
3DPX-014318 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Touchless Door and Lock operation
touchless door opener lock operator covid-19
3DPX-014317 Labware & Devices 163957163978 UW-DFab FaceTent
Facetent Vacuum Suction
3DPX-014316 Labware & Devices 163957163978 UW-DFab Non-Rebreather Mask
NRB, Non-rebreather, 02
3DPX-014311 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Visor Extension for 3DVerkstan Protective...
Jamie Wilburn
PPE, visor, extension, 3DVerkstan, dentist, dental, covid, COVID-19, Protective Equipment
3DPX-014290 Labware & Devices 163957163978 JellyBOX Reusable Face Shield printed under...
imade3dNIH's picture imade3dNIH
Face Shield; fast print; reusable; America Makes; easy disinfected; universal; nursery home; hairdresser
3DPX-014285 Labware & Devices 163957163978 NES Universal Frame for Face Shield
NES's picture NES
Document File, Laminate, PET, COVID-19, PPE
3DPX-014284 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Virus/Particle Face Mask
face mask, Multi Filter Materials, Multi Filter Thicknesses
3DPX-014278 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Altavian / American Mask Rally Response Mask...
kkozelsky's picture kkozelsky
3D Printed Respirator, 3D Printed reusable Face Mask, COVID 19 ; 3D printing ; emergency ; Mask ; Respirator
3DPX-014276 Labware & Devices 163957163978163957 QSD Face Shield for Kids
qixy's picture qixy
3D print, face shield, COVID 19
3DPX-014264 Labware & Devices 163957163978 The montana Mask
3D Printed Face Mask
3DPX-014258 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Tubing Strap Connector
PPE, face-shield, tubing-strap, strap connector
3DPX-014257 Labware & Devices 163957163978 3D Printed Face Shield
Orlando Health's picture Orlando Health
Shield, face shield, faceshield
3DPX-014256 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Earsaver
Whitecloud's picture Whitecloud
Coronavirus, Ear saver earsaver surgical mask extender connector overhead loop strap band halo headgear head gear dust particle kn n 95 kn95 n95 kn-95 n-95
3DPX-014255 Labware & Devices 163957163978 3M Airmate to Sentinel PAPR Adapter
Whitecloud's picture Whitecloud
3DPX-014251 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Internally Sealed Face Mask
additive manufacturing, 3D Printing, PPE, Multi-Layer Filters, Internal Seals
3DPX-014250 Labware & Devices 163957163978 [Shield48]Face Shield
shield48's picture shield48
Face Shield; PPE; FaceShield; visor; reusable
3DPX-014249 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Sani-Mask - The only sterilizable FDM mask
Sterilize, Polypropylene, FDM, face mask, N95
3DPX-014247 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Keeler All Pupil (Old Model) Indirect...
Keeler, All Pupil, Indirect Ophthalmoscopy, ophthalmology, optometry, COVID 19 ; 3D printing ; emergency, Coronavirus
3DPX-014240 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Well-fitting Lens-Cuff System for Powered...
AIR-PURIFYING RESPIRATOR (PAPR) Lens-Cuff System, PAPR Shield, face shield
3DPX-014234 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Bullis Vacuum Formed Face Mask Mold
3D Printed Face Mask Vacuum Former
3DPX-014233 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Face mask tightener
David Leithauser's picture David Leithauser
3D Printed Face Mask Strap Holder
3DPX-014232 Labware & Devices 163957163978 JPL Conforming Respirator
Respirator, conforming, flexible, tested, COVID-19, 3D print, JPL, NASA, open source,
3DPX-014226 Labware & Devices 163957163978 IDEA Adjustable Mask
Izuta Design
COVID 19 ; 3D printing ; emergency ; Mask ;
3DPX-014225 Labware & Devices 163957163978 JPL Comfort Respirator Multi Port
3D Printed Respirator, tested, COVID-19, JPL, NASA, open source, 3D Printed Face Mask, 3M filter replacement, filter
3DPX-014224 Labware & Devices 163957163978 IDEA Face Shield V3
Izuta Design
3D print Face shield FDM Plastic PPE
3DPX-014223 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Surgical Mask Tension Release Band with 35mm...
EUnumPluribus's picture EUnumPluribus
mask, PPE, Ear Guard, ear saver, band, strap, 3d Mask
3DPX-014221 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Pierce-Arora-Budhwani Respirator (PABR)
Ironman's picture Ironman
Half-Mask Respirator; PPE; 3D-Printed Adaptor; Covid-19; SARS-CoV-2
3DPX-014220 Labware & Devices 163957163978 ASU Face Shield 4.2.2
dan53's picture dan53
3D print Face shield; FDM; Plastic; PPE; laser cut; Face shield
3DPX-014219 Labware & Devices 163957163978 ASU Face Shield 4.2.2
dan53's picture dan53
3D print Face shield; FDM; Plastic; PPE; laser cut; Face shield
3DPX-014214 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Vicksburg ear guards
Greg Mills
ear guard mask
3DPX-014212 Labware & Devices 163957163978 An Affordable Covid‐19 Face Mask - maskforall
raj936's picture raj936
An Affordable Covid‐19 Face Mask - maskforall
3DPX-014210 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Single use visor frame
3D print Face shield FDM Plastic PPE
3DPX-014206 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Face shield helmet COVID
face shield helmet covid laser cutter
3DPX-014205 Labware & Devices 163957163978 JPL Performance Respirator
COVID-19, Respirators, 3D print, JPL, NASA, open source, tested,
3DPX-014188 Labware & Devices 163957163976 Mask Head Harness v1.5
mask, Comfort, ear saver
3DPX-014187 Labware & Devices 163957165948 NJIT SWAB - Throat Testing Swab
Throat, swab, testing, COVID19, corona, Testing Swab, 3d printed
3DPX-014186 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Barrow Innovation 3D printed and Cast...
COVID 19 ; 3D printing ; face mask protector; N95
3DPX-014175 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Thunder (Verkstan) Face Shield
face shield verkstan covid-19
3DPX-014173 Labware & Devices 163957164033 FlexFit Face Mask
Matthew Fiedler's picture Matthew Fiedler
Quick Fabrication Flexible Flexfit Face Mask PPE
3DPX-014171 Labware & Devices 163957163978 BauhausUniVisor - Open Source One-Minute...
faceshield; face shield; PPE; lasercut; fast; bauhaus; bauhausunivisor
3DPX-014170 Labware & Devices 163957163978 VMO MASK V4 - RESPIRATOR - CORONAVIRUS COVID...
COVID-19, face mask, facemask, Protective, Respirator, PPE, VMO