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3DPX-013464 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Flex Filter Mask
Flex Filter Mask Coffee Fabric
3DPX-013463 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Covid mask
covid mask
3DPX-013459 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Face Shield M V4 - Hydra Research
Hydra Research's picture Hydra Research
3D Printed Face Shield
3DPX-013458 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Manija Project Remix for US
Hands Free Door Opening
3DPX-013456 Labware & Devices 163957163976 CVHCS Laser Cut or 3D Printable Face shield
faceshield; face shield; PPE; reusable, PET-G, Copoly, laser
3DPX-013455 Labware & Devices 163957 Morakana - COVID - PPE Face Shield
Morakana's picture Morakana
Personal Protective Equipment, 2019-nCov, 3D Printed Face Shield, reusable
3DPX-013454 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Face Shield with Adjustable Velcro Strap
vestibularfirst's picture vestibularfirst
COVID-19, Personal Protective Equipment
3DPX-013452 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Filter adapter for Resmed Airfit F20 CPAP...
filter, mask, 3D Printed Respirator
3DPX-013450 Labware & Devices 163957163978 SLO Respirator - Montana Mask Remix
N95, mask, Respirator, 3D Printed Respirator, N95 Respirator Mask Case
3DPX-013449 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Comfortable shield visor that has adjustable...
minimal assembly, comfortable, easy to sterilize, covers all the way to the ears
3DPX-013448 Labware & Devices 163957164010 Bacterial/Viral Filter Adaptor For SEAC Full...
COVID-19 PPE face shield, COVID-19, Covid-19 Supply Chain Response
3DPX-013447 Labware & Devices 163957163978 AddiR-1 A Single Face Shield Design for...
Face Shield for Injection Molding, 3D Printed Face Shield, Face shield PPE, flat-pack lasercut Face shield PPE, COVID-19 PPE face shield
3DPX-013444 Labware & Devices 163957163976 SLS Printed RAG Face Shield's picture thill@rapidappl...
3d printed, tested, SLS, Selective laser sintering, Nylon 12, PPE, face sheild
3DPX-013443 Labware & Devices 163957163978 The Montana Mask's picture kirks3dprintsho...
Montana Mask PPE
3DPX-013440 Labware & Devices 163957163976 Mask Comfort Strap
bdsearle's picture bdsearle
strap, mask, comfortable, ear, N95
3DPX-013439 Labware & Devices 163957163978 V4 F2 HEPA Filter Respirator
JoshHughesStudios's picture JoshHughesStudios
HEPA, mask, filter
3DPX-013438 Labware & Devices 163957163978 RC1 Face Shield
3D Printed Face Shield, COVID-19 PPE face shield
3DPX-013436 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Retrofit Cartridge System to Repurpose...
N95 Mask, Respirator, 3M, CPAP, BIPAP, HEPA
3DPX-013432 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Covid Mask
Mask using hepa filter
3DPX-013430 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Protective Face Shield
3D Printed Face Shield
3DPX-013428 Labware & Devices 163957163978 HEPA Face Mask
SparcIndustries's picture SparcIndustries
face mask
3DPX-013426 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Face Shield Headmount
COVID 19, face shield
3DPX-013425 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Toledo Face Shield
RMC Gaming's picture RMC Gaming
COVID-19 PPE face shield
3DPX-013424 Labware & Devices 163957163978 3D Printable Face Shield
COVID-19 PPE face shield
3DPX-013423 Labware & Devices 163957163978 3D Systems Face Shield Frame - High Capacity...
Benjamin Johnson
3D Systems, face shield, nylon, SLS, PPE
3DPX-013422 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Manija Project - MASSARD V1.1 Hand off door...
Danielsardo's picture Danielsardo
hands-free hand off door opener covid19 door open hand protect
3DPX-013421 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Face Shield
ehochstein's picture ehochstein
Stratasys, PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, America Makes, COVID-19, face shield
3DPX-013420 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Faceshield
faceshield; face shield; PPE;
3DPX-013419 Labware & Devices 163957163978 OpenSourceGuard - 3D printed face shield...
Face, Shield, 3D, printed
3DPX-013417 Labware & Devices 163957163978 3D Printed COVID-19 F2 HEPA Filter Mask V3
JoshHughesStudios's picture JoshHughesStudios
mask, HEPA filter, N95, 3Dprinted
3DPX-013410 Labware & Devices 163957163976 Surgical Mask Tension Release Band for Ear...
davis becker's picture davis becker
mask, strap, head band, tension release, PPE, ear saver
3DPX-013406 Labware & Devices 163957163976 3D Printed Face Shield (MITRE)
PPE, 3D Printing, face shield, brow guard
3DPX-013404 Labware & Devices 163957163978 USCSW modified 2 part build with Pencil...
N95 Pencil Popper mask
3DPX-013403 Labware & Devices 163957164033 Minimum Viable Product Face Shield v1
GrassRootsENG's picture GrassRootsENG
face shield, PPE, 3D Printed Face Shield
3DPX-013402 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Face and Forehead Shield
Yotam Barr's picture Yotam Barr
Face shield PPE
3DPX-013401 Labware & Devices 163957163978 EZ Face Shield for Under a Dollar
RansilDesignLLC's picture RansilDesignLLC
face shield, economical, transparency film, adjustable, PPE
3DPX-013399 Labware & Devices 163957163978 3D Printed Face Shield
indomakers's picture indomakers
3DPX-013396 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Five-minute zero-print full-face snorkel...
Keith C Campbell
prototype, COVID-19, Covid-19 Supply Chain Response, covid-19-response, face mask, filter, snorkel
3DPX-013395 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Ergonomic N95 / Loop Mask Ear Loop Clip
clip, ear, holder, loop, mask, medical, N95, ergonomic, virus, Corona virus
3DPX-013394 Labware & Devices 163957163978 ** UPDATED ** Essentium 3D Printed Face Mask
Essentium 3D Printed Face Mask; Improved Surgical Mask; near-N95 mask
3DPX-013393 Labware & Devices 163957163978 Anesthesia mask adapter for alternatively...
Andrew Diehl
N95, mask, anesthesia, adapter, filter
3DPX-013389 Labware & Devices 163957163978 3DVerkstan V3 - Face Shield
bornity's picture bornity
3D Printed Face Shield, 3D Printing, PPE, 3DVerkstan
3DPX-013388 Labware & Devices 163957163978 NanoHack Mask
Mask Copper Nanotech
3DPX-013383 Labware & Devices 163957163978 3M Bayonet Filter to Snorkel Mask Adapter
VistaVolare's picture VistaVolare
3M filter bayonet snorkel mask adapter
3DPX-013382 Labware & Devices 163957163978 PPE quick print mask
BillingsMakers's picture BillingsMakers
3D print, PPE, mask, reusable